All appointments must be made through the referring physicians office.

Rescheduling an appointment: 

We value our patients and their health. Many of our patients are healthy and see us for annual screenings, while others may have compromised immune systems already and are having to see us for a more immediate diagnostic test. In either case, we hope to minimize the spread of illnesses to our patients.

If you have had a fever and a cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, or runny nose in the past 24 hours and you are not in need of immediate or emergency imaging study, we respectfully ask that you consider rescheduling your appointment, with a 24 hour notice if possible.

Appointments can be rescheduled one of the following ways:

For CT or Ultrasound please call478-743-1458
For MRI please call478-746-1020
For PET please call 478-633-4738
For VIRA Interventional Radiology please call478-757-8868

We do recognize that emergencies will arise that may make notifying us prior to your appointment impossible. We hope that you will reschedule your appointment for another day by contacting us. We appreciate your help in keeping our offices germ-free!
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