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Molecular Breast Imaging

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) is a detailed scanning procedure available at Radiology Associates of Macon used to capture functional images of the breast. Our MBI technology benefits all women, especially those with dense breasts or whose mammogram results are difficult to interpret.

Molecular Breast Imaging vs Mammography

MBI results are similar to the images produced during a mammogram. The difference is that MBI evaluates the breasts using semiconductor-based gamma-cameras and a radioactive tracer. While mammography shows the physical structure of the breast, MBI provides more details with images of how the tissues and organs are functioning.

Why Molecular Breast Imaging?

MBI screening provides supplemental breast screening or can be ordered in conjunction with mammography or other modalities when previous imaging results are inconclusive. In some cases, additional information is needed that a MBI can provide.

Some women may receive a MBI if they have:

  • Dense breasts
  • Lumps not detected by a mammogram or breast ultrasound
  • Breast implants
  • Previous breast cancer
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Inability to undergo an MRI

Benefits and Risks of Molecular Breast Imaging

An MBI exam offers certain advantages, including:

  • Cancerous lesion detection that is often inaccurately detected through conventional mammography (this is especially true for women with dense breasts)
  • Compact technology that allows breast images in standard mammographic views
  • Improved patient comfort that only requires light immobilization pressure
  • Cancer detection in its earliest stages

Your MBI exam requires over 70% less compression than a traditional mammogram, but there is low exposure to radiation from the radioactive tracer that is injected at the start.

How to Prepare for a MBI Procedure

If you are scheduled for an MBI, you can expect a straightforward procedure.

  • You will be seated comfortably and securely throughout the exam.
  • The procedure will begin within 5 minutes of receiving a small injection of radioactive tracer.
  • Your breasts will be immobilized between two camera detectors as the scanner collects imaging.
  • You will experience significantly less compression than that of a mammogram (<30%).
  • We will collect CC and MLO images that take up to 10 minutes for each view.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Prescription or referral from your physician.
  • List of medications you take, including non-prescription medications and supplements.
  • Insurance cards and a photo ID.
  • Medical history, including whether you may be pregnant or are currently breastfeeding.


For more information about our MBI exams, please call 478-743-1458.

Molecular Breast Imaging Exams

Radiology Associates of Macon offers MBI exams in our Macon office at the Medical Office Building at Atrium Navicent Health, next to the emergency room. Patients will check in for their exam at the MRI Center:

MRI Center, Navicent Health
770 Pine Street, Suite L-15 (lower level)
Macon, GA 31201

Phone: 478-743-1458

Fax: 478-745-1458

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