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Ultrasound Services in Central Georgia

Patients can rely on Radiology Associates of Macon for thorough, accurate ultrasound testing. Performed at our VIRA office in Macon by certified ultrasound technicians, each exam features in-house technology to capture images of internal organs and blood vessels. Through ultrasound examination, our physicians can perform an internal analysis of a particular region inside the body and monitor the progression of certain medical conditions.

Types of Ultrasound Studies We Perform

Doppler ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound provides live imaging of blood flow through blood vessels.

Ultrasound-guided biopsies

We employ an ultrasound during a biopsy to guide the needle with more accuracy and precision.

Pediatric Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds allow us to safely observe your child’s internal structures without radiation.

Fetal ultrasound

Fetal ultrasound shows the current state and progression of the fetus during pregnancy.

How an Ultrasound Works

Radiology Associates of Macon uses painless, advanced ultrasound technology to look inside a patient’s body:

  • Your technologist emits sound waves throughout the examined area of the body with a transducer.
  • These waves bounce off the internal structures of the examined region and send back an echo to the transducer.
  • A computer converts the echoes and produces a live image of the internal structures on the screen.

Common Areas Examined by Ultrasound

Ultrasounds provide a noninvasive look at:

Why Vascular Ultrasounds?

Our radiologists utilize vascular ultrasounds to examine the blood flow in veins and arteries, analyze results, and provide accurate diagnoses.

Blood Clots, Blockages, and Plaque Identification

We use images produced in the exam to identify blockages, blood clots, or plaque buildup. Patients with blockages in the neck could suffer blood restriction to the brain, which can lead to a sudden stroke or mini-stroke.

Blood Clot Treatment

Vascular ultrasound can reveal the presence of blood clots, guiding your physician toward the right treatment plan. Some clots can be treated with blood thinners, while others may require a filter installation. Filters keep the clot from traveling to dangerous areas like the lungs.

For more information about vascular ultrasounds, please call 478-757-8868.

Ultrasound Benefits and Risks

Since the 1950s, physicians have utilized ultrasound technology to see the internal organs and structures of the body. Since its groundbreaking invention, ultrasound has remained one of the safest diagnostic imaging practices in radiology.

Today our state-of-the-art technology delivers rapid and accurate digital reporting. This procedure has no ionizing radiation exposure, allowing ultrasound to maintain an excellent safety record. However, we continue to apply care and caution during testing, especially within fetal imaging exams. Plus, Radiology Associates of Macon only employs registered ultrasound technologists to conduct testing with care and accuracy.

Ultrasounds provide:

  • Clear imaging of soft tissues that cannot be captured by x-ray
  • Noninvasive processes (no need for needles or injections)
  • Painless examinations
  • More affordable imaging
  • Safety during the procedure as ultrasounds do not require ionizing radiation

There are no known risk factors or harmful effects caused by ultrasound technology.

Want more information about our ultrasound procedures?

Call us at 478-757-8868.

How to Prepare for an Ultrasound or Vascular Ultrasound Procedure

If you are scheduled for an ultrasound at Radiology Associates of Macon, you can expect a smooth and easy exam.

Preparing for Pelvic and Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Drink 32 ounces of fluid one hour before your exam. Do not empty your bladder until testing is complete.

Preparing for Gallbladder and Abdominal Ultrasounds

Do not eat or drink anything in the 8-hour window before your exam.

 What to bring to your exam:

  • Prescription or referral from your physician.
  • List of medications you take, including non-prescription medications and supplements.
  • Insurance cards and a photo ID.
  • Any previous, relevant imaging exams and reports performed outside of our network.
  • Medical history, including whether you may be pregnant or breastfeeding currently.
  • Pathology reports.

What to Expect During an Ultrasound or Vascular Ultrasound Procedure

An ultrasound is a quick and painless process:

  • Your technologist will ask relevant medical questions and explain the process of the exam.
  • Depending on the area to be examined, you may be asked to change into a gown.
  • Your tech will position you on the table, usually asking you to lie face up. You may be asked to reposition to capture better images.
  • You will feel a water-based gel on the skin to help the transducer make secure contact with your skin and better glide across the examined area.
  • Your tech will capture images from various angles.
  • Your exam may take 10-45 minutes depending on the area examined. Sometimes more complex scans take longer.

Your doctor will review the results with you following your ultrasound.

Ultrasound and Vascular Ultrasound Exams at VIRA

Radiology Associates of Macon offers ultrasounds at our VIRA office in Macon at:

VIRA Central Georgia
215 Sheraton Blvd, Suite 2
Macon, Georgia 31210